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Friday, June 18, 2010

Top Five Fiction Writing Contests

Fiction writing. It's a interesting trade, skill, whatever you want to call it. It requires you to dig into your imagination, pick of the best of your ideas, and then transcribe it onto paper. It's a unique sill to possess - to be able to create a world out of nothing. But if you can successfully do it then its a very rewarding process.

There are hundreds of contests out there that are designed for just that: for writers who have grand imaginations that can write good stories. It's amazing that many of us just save our words and never show them to the public, allow them for some kind of critique - whether constructive or praise. It's vital in becoming a successful freelance writer - or a successful fiction writer - that we have no fear of the public eye.

And that's where the fiction writing contests come in.

Think about it. Is there any better way to first show off your writing? Instead of some public forum, or some local paper, you can submit it to a specific niche where the ones who are viewing it completley understand what your trying to do. No harsh judgments; no unfair realizations. Plus, if you enter fiction writing contests, you have a chance to be published and make a little cash. It seems like a win-win, doesn't it.

The fact is it is. Submit your work. Freelance writing demands that your open for anything.

Here is a list of the top five fiction writing contests:


Bard Fiction Prize(

Prize: $30 000 and contract as writer in residence at bard college for one semester.

Deadline: July 15th

Guidelines: Intended to encourage and further young writers career by providing money, as well as a strong intellectual environment to further your skills.


Boston Review Short Story Contest


Prize: $1500 and publication in the Boston Review

Deadline: Summer

Guideline: Stories cannot exceed 4000 words.


National Writers Association Novel Writing Contest(

Prize: 1st - $500, 2nd - $250, 3rd - $150

Deadline: April 1st.

Guideline: Contest open for all who recognize their creative ability to articulate.


Orange Prize For Fiction(

Prize: $30 000

Deadline: End of November

Guideline: Full length novel that has been written by a woman. It must have relevance to everyday lives, have imagination and a very strong and inspiring message. Cannot have been previously published in the UK, but can be published outside of the country


Coffee House Fiction (

Prize: 1st - $350, 2nd - $125, 3rd - $75, 4th - $50

Deadline: January 31st.

Guideline: Detailed guidelines of website. Entry fee of $17, non-refundable


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