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Monday, June 7, 2010

Freelance Writing - Start

Many of us have the goal to become a freelance writer and earn a sustainable income from home. It's a dream some of us have - sitting on the couch in the morning, sipping coffee, making money. It seems like a stress free way to live, something that will better our lives. It is. But getting to that point isn't.

Many people forget that the hardest about freelance writing is the journey to become a freelance writer. You have to advertise yourself, write thousands of articles, apply for hundreds of projects; you have to build a portfolio that is respected enough that you don't have to work dirt cheap just so you can get a project.

The process is long. It's tiring. It can be painful. Right now I'm in the process, the journey, and I'm finding it very difficult.

Luckily there's many resources, and people, who are willing to share their expertise and help us a long the way. The purpose of the blog? To be the middleman between all these resources, to find the help that can help both myself and everyone else along for the ride. Because becoming a freelance writer is a very, very attainable goal.


The first resource and topic I'd like to talk about is the place many of us should start. There are many, hundreds, of websites which are dedicated for freelance writing. Some have the purpose of content; some article writing; some even are for the purpose of writing someone else's academic paper. The point is there is a niche for everyone to fill, so finding an area you feel comfortable in, and place where you can make money isn't difficult.

But you should also be wary.

Many freelance sites promise things they can't actually fulfill. If you find a website that's promising it's important to research - perhaps ask an established writer what they know about it. A lot of the time you'll find out the website is a dud and a waste of your time.

I've spent some time searching the web for the 'good' sites, and I think I've a found a few that's worth the time and the effort. We're taking about specifics though, so I've composed a short list of the best sites for each type of freelance writing. (Some sites overlap each other)

Article Writing:
  • Elance - a giant with thousands of projects for you to bid on.
  • Guru - another giant, and the first of its kind. The most trusted freelance site on the web.
  • iFreelance - Smaller than the above few, but a great place to start a career.

Content Writing:
  • Elance - about a quarter of its projects are dedicated to content writing.
  • Guru - has an entire section of jobs specifically for content writing projects.
  • oDesk - get paid by the hour, with a selection of clients from all over the world.

Academic Writing:
  • Academia Research - the best academic and most reliable site for it.

***For a list of the best freelance writing sites (overall) on the internet follow the link below. It also has the pros and cons for each one to help you better decide.


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