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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SEO Dominator

You've heard it before - Search Engine Optimization is key if you ever want to make money on the internet. Many of us know that, but never bother to learn what exactly that means. We're either too lazy, too tired, too bored to actually learn how to market our work online. But I'm here to tell you that's it worth it. It's worth every penny.

One of the keys to Search Engine Optimization is keywords and back linking. Some will tell you that one is more important than the other, but, in my personal opinion, I think they are both equally important.

My next series of Hubs and Blogs will focus on Search Engine Optimization techniques and how you implement them into your work.

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  2. That is true. As an author and business man, I can relate to how you said, "One of the keys to Search Engine Optimization is keywords and back linking". I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you're talking about. Can't wait to read more from you!