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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Easy Tips For Article Writing

Becoming a freelance writer doesn't happen overnight. It's a long process that takes a lot hard work, patience and time. And a lot of that hard work has to be spent on getting your work out there - or, in other more metaphorical terms, get your words into the stream of thought that flows throughout the web. You have to gain at least some sort of recognition, some kind of accolade, so you get the respect and reliability of employers who need a freelance writer.

How do you get this kind of respect? Where do you start?

The answer is simple and somewhat obvious - you write. You write anything and everything. And much of this everything is writing articles; they are the most demanded piece of writing on the internet, because they are usually the simplest and contain the most information.

There are many different outlets to write these articles, but that's for another blog post.

This post is to give you the essential tips on how to to write articles that the internet will 'like'. In other words articles which will rank high on the search engines and will be popular with the general population. Get the respect of the mob, and get respect of the rest. It's a great place to start.

  • Brainstorm a bunch of ideas. Check out magazines, newspapers for anything interesting you think may be of interest of people. The idea here is not thinking of something that no one else has – because that won’t be searched anyway – but thinking of something that you know is searched but doesn’t have a lot of information on it. This part is the hardest, and most time consuming part, but it’s pivotal to your success.
  • Then take the keyword you decided was hot on the ones mentioned above and enter it in the Free Keyword Tracker. The results generated should give you what is the most searched phrase on that keyword, and all relatively close terms. This should give you a more definite idea of what topic to write about.
  • This step can be ignored if needed, but if you’re really serious about making a lot of money then you should go to the Google AdSense Keyword tool. Here type in the phrase or topic that you decided on in the previous two steps. Click high estimated CPC, and go down the list to see how much your keywords ads are worth and how much other, close, keywords are also worth

Writing these kind of articles will get you the attention - it will get you in the doorway - but it has to be the writing that gets you into the rest of the house. Find a good topic, find the keywords, and then use that foundation to create an informative and intriguing article. If you do that, well, you'll be one step closer on becoming a successful freelance writer.

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